Top 20 Most Useful Accessories For iPhone

That amazing iPhone present in your hands has made great improvements throughout its time. It has made the world a more productive region and a whole lot more fun. Just like having a new and fashionable scarf to go with an outfit makes you stand out, having the right accessories for your phone can also make a great difference. There are many accessories that you can pair up with your iPhone to not only make it stand out from the others, but also to fulfill your necessities. Some of the best accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone are give below so you can buy them the next time you go accessory shopping for your phone.

1. A Elago Apple iPhone Privacy Protection Film

Nowadays, fraud and identity theft has become very common, so it is very important that you protect yourself. This includes the data and information that is present on your iPhone. The privacy protection film is an inexpensive way to safeguard both your phone’s attractive display and your identity. Unless you are viewing the screen of the phone straight on, you will not be able to see anything that is being shown. Even the slightest variation in the viewing angle can prevent nosy peepers from poking their nose into your business.

2. The Incipio Feather Case

Since your phone is such an important part of your life, you are bound to carry it with you wherever you go. If you are in the habit of slipping your phone into your jean’s pocket, you might already know that having a silicone case just causes everything present in your pocket to come out along with the phone the next time you pull it out. This is why you should consider buying the slim, soft, and smooth polymer feather case!

3. Stereo Mini Speakers

Listening to your favorite songs is a great advantage of this phone. While the little ear buds are very nice when you are traveling in your car listening to your favorite song, there will be times when you will just want to turn the volume up without being attached to your iPhone by means of ear buds. If this is the case, then you should consider buying these rechargeable speakers and listen to music all day long!

4. Motorola MotoROKR Bluetooth Stereo Headset

There will be times that you might want the surround sound to go along with a video or movie that you are watching on your phone. The Bluetooth stereo headset will provide fantastic sound quality while still permitting you to answer or make any phone calls without having to use your ear buds. These headphones will be wrapped around your head and will stay out of your way. They have touch sensitive controls present on the ear pieces which will allow you to control the volume and receive and make calls. If you are a multi-tasker, then this accessory is just what you need!

5. Mophie Juice Pack Air

The Mophie’s Juice Pack Air has a combination of a very slim case that comes with a rechargeable battery that has the ability to double the battery life of the phone’s built-in battery. If you are someone who has a tough time with the management of the power of your phone, then this case if just what you need to purchase. It is slim enough to be carried in your pocket and will protect your phone from any damage! Plus, you will never run out of battery to surf, text, talk, or watch!

6. iHome iP9BR Clock Radio

With the iHome iP9BR, you can now wake up to the radio or a certain playlist present on your iPhone. The clock comes with a battery backup, so you cannot make any more excuses for not being able to wake up if the power ever goes out.

7. The Motorola MotoROKR Bluetooth In-Car Speakers

Using the phone while driving can be dangerous, but having speakers or a hands-free headset would be a wise idea to avoid any unwanted accidents. Motorola has gone an extra step further with this accessory. This accessory will not only allow you to answer any calls but it will also operate as an FM transmitter which will permit you to play music present in your iPhone playlist through the stereo system of your car. If you receive a call while jamming to your favorite music, the music gets paused and you can answer the call. The music will start up again as soon as you hang up!

8. Apple Iphone4 4s DLP Pocket Projector

This little projector will allow you the ability to watch videos when you are traveling. The projector will work best in a dark room. You just point the lens at a blank surface, connect the project to your phone, and begin the show! The battery is rechargeable and it will work for up to 2 hours on full battery!

9. Monster Cable Beats Noise Isolating Headphones

These headphones deliver excellent audio clarity. They have been designed to cut out any noise from external areas and allow the listeners to completely immerse themselves in the music that they are listening to. Since these headphones are so compatible with an iPhone, they also have a mic and an answer button allowing you to take calls easily.

10. Sonos ZonePlayer S5

Through the Sonos ZonePlayer, you can control your phone’s library and look through music on the Internet through the wireless speaker system of the accessory from nearly any room in your office or phone. This home speaker system for the iPhone is made for music lovers!

11. Bowers and Wilkins Z2

The Bowers & Wilkins iPhone wireless AirPlay speaker and dock is a fantastic way to fill your life with great music. You can listen to your favorite tunes all day long. This striking accessory will pump up an excellent quality of audio with a rich and deep bass! You will not regret purchasing this item for you iPhone. It is a good-looking and fabulous wireless sound system that has been made for people who just can’t live without music. It is a great accessory to purchase for your phone!

12. Bose QuietComfort 20i

The noise stopping headphones are very large headphones that will block out any noise that is coming from exterior sources as well as through any sophisticated circuitry. These headphones might be a bit expensive, but they are definitely worth it. They will allow you to block out every sound around you while allowing you to listen to your favorite music without being disturbed by anyone else’s voice.

13. Mophie Juice Pack Helium

This battery case was mainly released for the 5th generation of the iPhones, but it will work just as well for the iPhone 5s as well. The battery case is a lightweight, sleek, and chic case that will make the black or silver finish of the iPhone 5s stand out even more. The case will allow you to connect and charge your iPhone 5s with the help of a microUSB port rather than using the lightning connector, which can prove to be very useful!

14. Withings Pulse

This accessory is a fitness tracking device that packs all of its excellent features into a little, neat clip-on case. The Withings Pulse will be able to track all your daily activities such as the number of steps that you have taken, the miles that you have walked, and also the number of calories that you have burned. Plus, the device is capable of monitoring your heart range with just the just of your finger! You will then be allowed to view all that information through the companion application present on your iPhone. The Withings Pulse is like have a personal trainer with you wherever you go!

15. The BookBook iPhone Wallet Case

This is the best combination of a wallet and a case that you will ever see! If you have an iPhone 5, then you will be glad to know that this case has a camera hole present in it too, to fit your iPhone 5. While there are a number of case and wallet combinations present in the market, you should definitely consider buying this case for you phone!

16. The Carved Mahogany iPhone Wood Skin

The front and back of this wonderful case is really made from actual wood. The case has a sealed coating that will keep your iPhone’s wood features looking fabulous. You will have the ability to take off or apply the skin onto your phone any time you want. If you do not like the mahogany designs, then you can also opt for a number of other designs of the wooden case for the iPhone! There is nothing more stylish than having a wood case for your phone!

17. The Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

The iPhone has a fabulous 1080p screen, until you scratch the phone so much that it loses its picture displaying efficiency and all you see are scratches! Tossing the phone around or scratching your phone can cause your phone to look old. You can maintain the clearness of the picture on your screen with the help of a screen protector. It is inexpensive and you can easily afford a screen protector. It is a very useful accessory for the iPhone!

18. The OtterBox Defender Series

This case has all the features that are needed to keep your phone safe from any kind of damage. The case comes in a number of different colors with a three layer protection and a screen protector that is built into the case. Plus, the case has a belt clip that you can use to attach the phone to your belt wherever you go!

19. The Luvvitt CRISTAL Hard Shell Anti-Scratch Case

If you have long nails and you tend to tap on your phone too hard, then this can lead to scratches on your phone. In order to prevent such things, you need to purchase the anti-scratch case. This case will keep your phone safe from scratches and from getting any scratches when placed with your keys in your pocket or in your purse!

20. Photojojo Phone Lens Series

This lens series will surely take your phone’s photography to a whole new level! You will be able to take fascinating pictures. The lenses are made from optical quality glass and aluminum. They have an adhesive metal ring that will allow you to clip the lenses off and on your iPhone with great ease!
If you do not have these accessories, then you should definitely think about purchasing these items because they can come in very handy. You will find the accessories at nearly any electronic store or in the electronic department of any store that you visit. The items can easily be bought at affordable prices. The different accessories that you purchase will increase your phone’s status as well. Plus, people will envy you for having such fashionable items which will make your phone look even better than before. Also, having such fantastic accessories will make using your phone a great experience. You can show off your fantastic gadgets to your friends and become the most popular kid in your block. Not only this, but you will be able to use your phone in style because these fabulous accessories are simply great and using them will be a great experience.
So, if you would like to purchase the best accessories for your iPhone, you should consider buying some of these if not all. At least by buying some of these accessories, you will be able to protect your phone and feel great about it. The different cases will keep your phone safe and the speakers will make listening to music on your phone ten times better than ever before! Go to the store right now and fill your cart with these items. These accessories are worth your money and your time. They will make your iPhone look stylish!

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