How To Set Up The Apn Setting For Simple Mobile, Iphone Ios 6 Or Later. (Apple Iphone – (Internet And Mms (Ios 6 Or Later)

Do you have an iPhone iOS 6 that needs to have its APN settings fixed? If you do, then you should first learn what APN settings. APN settings are access point names that include different settings that you can make to your phone in order to enhance the performance of your phone and improve your phone’s efficiency. These settings include text fields that will need to be filled out by you in order to get connected with the data services. The APNs are known to exist because carriers carry and obtain data through radio frequencies that are government regulated. Every phone should be configured individually in order to utilize these settings or otherwise they will have to suffer from connection problems such as not being able to utilize the mobile data or not being able to send any MMS.

In order to get started on configuring your APN settings you will need to first read the instructions that have been listed below in order to get an idea of what needs to be done to get the procedure done. It is very simple and you will not have a difficult time getting through the procedure. The process may differ if you have a phone other than a simple mobile iPhone iOS 6 because every phone is programmed differently and has a different carrier. You should read the steps that have been given below and find out what you need to do in order to be successful in this task of yours.

  1. Start off by going to your Settings.

  2. Click on Wi-Fi and turn it Off temporarily.

  3. Back in your Settings, you will need to scroll down to your Messages and click on it to open it. Make sure that the MMS is turned Off.

  4. Then go back to your Settings, click on General, and click on Cellular. Ensure that Enable 3G has been turned Off and your Data Roaming is turned On.

  5. Scroll down the screen and click on Cellular Data Network

  6. Under the Cellular Data Network, you will need to end the following.

  1. Click on your Home button in order to go to the main screen of the phone.

  2. Go back to your Settings one last time, scroll down the screen, and click on Messages.

  3. Turn On your messages.

  4. Press on the Home button and you are ready to receive and send MMS on your Simple mobile phone.

  5. Once you have set your phone’s APN settings, you will need to test it to see if it is working. You can re-enable your Wi-Fi, turn the Data Roaming option Off, and leave your 3G On.

Now that you know what needs to be done to configure your phone’s APN settings, you can use these steps to accomplish the task. It is very simple to do and will not take you a long time at all to get it done. If you have an iPhone iOS 6, then these steps are for your phone and you can use them to fix your phone’s APN settings whenever you want. Make sure that you save your APN settings when you are done entering them because by hitting the Back option, you will undo all your hard work and will have to repeat the task.

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