Are you searching for a way to setup the APN settings on your iPhone? If you are, then you should know that the task is very simple and you will be able to do it with great ease. APN settings are basically access points names that are composed of different settings. These settings can include text fields that you will need to fill out in order to link to data services.

The APNs are known to exist because of the broadcasting of carriers and the receiving of data over the radio frequencies that are government regulated. Every phone has to be configured specially to utilize these settings or they will eventually suffer from connection problems like being unable to use mobile data or send an MMS. An APN is a modification to your APN settings for users of simple phones. This is a great way to get your internet, MMS, and 4g to work. You will simply need to follow the instructions that have been listed below in order to fix your APN settings properly and get your phone to work effectively. If you would like to set up the APN settings on your iPhone iOS 5, then you should definitely consider reading the steps that have been given below.

You will need to start off by settings your cellular data.

  1. Cellular Data

  1. Select Settings.
  2. General Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Cellular Data Network.
  5. APN: simple
  6. Username: Blank
  7. Password: Blank
  1. MMS
  1. APN: simple
  2. Username: blank
  3. Password: blank
  4. MMSC:
  5. MMS Proxy:
  6. MMS Message Size: 1048576
  7. MMS UA Prof URL:

All you need to do is configure the APN settings of your phone in order to gain benefit from the different advantages that come with the configuration of your iPhone iOS 5, simple phone, and preview’s APN settings. The process can differ from MVNO to another MVNO. The APN settings of different phones are different. This procedure will only work efficiently for you if you own an iPhone iOS 5 because the other phones will have a different method of having their settings configured. If you would like to fix your settings, then do not hesitate to use the steps that have been provided above for your convenience. They will surely help you out in the configuration of your APN settings!

The procedure will take a couple of minutes and you will have to be patient. When the process is over, your phone’s connection will operate as planned. The procedure may vary based on what kind of phone you have and who provides you with your wireless service. The procedure above will work efficiently for an iPhone 5 iOS, for simple phone, or preview. You will find the procedure very simple to follow. The instructions above will tell you about what needs to be one in order to fix your phone’s APN settings. You can use the above given instructions to fix your phone’s APN settings whenever you want! However, if you do not understand the procedure, then you should ask someone who is well educated in technology to set your APN settings for you in order to avoid any problems that could damage your phone. These settings will help you connect easily and will make sending MMS easier.

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