Review of the Highly Recommended Affordable LG G2

The new flagship smartphone from LG is out and it bears the name LG G2. When compare to the other newly launched top of the line smartphones from other renowned phone manufacturers, the G2 is priced significantly cheaper. No cheap in a way that it offers poor performance, cheap because it has features similar to other phones that are priced much higher.

LG G2 Design

The front side of the G2 looks a little similar to that of the Galaxy S4 of Samsung. The G2 though lacks the touch buttons under the screen. The finish is fiberglass in appearance and the buttons are positioned under the camera. If other smartphones have power buttons located either on top or side of the phones, the LG G2 has its power and volume buttons (called collectively as the Rear Key) are uniquely placed at the back – a bit strange, but definitely an innovative change. The KnockON feature allows users to easily and quickly bring the phone to life with a quick double tap on the screen. If you tap the notification bar twice, the phone switches off. The same thing happens if you double tap on any empty part of the home screen.

The display size is at 5.2 inches, but it has a good edge-to-edge look because of the ultra slim bezels. The front side of the G2 is brilliantly protected by Gorilla Glass 2, but the rear side is plastic – with a unique combination like that, the result is a phone that looks well-made and feels solid to the touch.

LG G2 Features

When it comes to hardware, you can expect the G2 to provide you with a great performance. It is equipped with the 2.26 GHz quad core Snapdragon 800, which is the newest smartphone chip from Qualcomm. Along with that, the G2 has Adreno 330 GPU with added RAM of 2 GB. There is no slot available for extended memory option, but you have the option to get a unit with either a 16 or a 32 GB internal storage.

The G2 also has Full HD resolution with 424 ppi. The rear camera is at 13 megapixels that comes with optical image stabilization and lightning-quick capability. It offers different shooting modes like Dual Camera and Beauty Shot. Audio Zooming and Zoom to Track are two great features you can use for taking videos. The G2 also has a front facing 2 MP camera.

On the software part, like most Android phones, the G2 offers the users with great ways of enjoying the experience. Features include; Guest Mode, QSlide, SlideAside, Plug&Pop, and many more.


The LG G2 is the ideal smartphone for people who are looking for an affordable phone but with the same features and ability of pricier smartphones. The display is simply great, a bit unique maybe because there are buttons at the back, but after some time, you should be able to get used to that.

All in all, the excellent performance of the LG G2 cannot be questioned. The only problem will be the lack of slot for a microSD card. If you need more storage though, you can simply opt for the unit with 32 GB of internal storage – and then you are good to go.

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