How to Reset an iPhone to Original Settings Without iTunes


Reset an iPhone to Original Settings. – There are many reasons why an iPhone user may decide to reset or delete his/her phone’s setting. The need to resell is one reason, and so is a setting that isn’t working for the user anymore.

If you own an iPhone and you want to restore it to factory setting, the process is easy and you do not even need to be near your computer unit. But if you want all the personal information and data saved, it is best if you can synch your data with your computer. Restoring to factory setting is going to delete everything and all you will be left is an iPhone as virgin as the way it was when you opened its box.

  1. On your phone, look for and then click Settings. If you can’t find Settings on your Homescreen just swipe you finger to the right and type Settings and it will appear.
  2. Choose General among the options that will appear.
  3. From the drop down menu, select the Reset option.
  4. Many options will be presented to you, the best one for what you want to do is the option to Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Before proceeding with the process, your phone will remind you about the option you selected and then the Erase iPhone option is going to appear. Clicking this option is going to delete everything you have installed or saved (data and media) and will then reset your iPhone to factory setting.
  6. Your will be asked if you want to continue and you will be also reminded that if you really do want to continue, the action cannot be undone. Once you are totally sure about your resetting decision, click the red button and you will be able to successfully reset your iPhone to factory setting.

The steps given above are very much possible to do even without iTunes, but only with iOS 5. Without iOS 5, and you still wish to reset or delete your iPhone settings, it is still possible. Just follow these steps:

  1. Press and then hold Home button simultaneously with the Sleep/Wake button. Home is found on your iPhone display, while the Sleep/Wake button is located on top of the unit.
  2. Hold the two buttons until your phone turns off to restart. This may take around 30 seconds to a minute.
  3. When you see the Apple logo, it is time to release the buttons.
  4. Wait until the logo disappears.
  5. There will be no options nor there will be any notifications, your iPhone will automatically reset. So be sure that you are really willing to hard-reset your unit before you start the process.
  6. Once your phone is done deleting all files and resetting of your settings, it will reboot on its own.
  7. Wait for a while since your iPhone needs to load.
  8. You are done resetting.

Again, just as a reminder; this process is going to delete all data you saved on your iPhone. If you want to save everything, create a back up on your computer. It would be disappointing if you delete everything without backup. Images and videos are important files and they should be saved. Just connect your iPhone on your computer and transfer all the files and data that you want to save. Create a folder on your computer for easier data and files allocation and retrieval.

Always read everything carefully before clicking. Sometimes, being hasty results to accidental lost of data. Once you have saved your files on your computer, you can start with the reset or delete process of your iPhone even without iTunes.

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  1. Sameer
    Sameer says:

    I bought an iphone 5 (16gb, ios 7) from another guy. Its already 2 months used. I wanted to reset & erase the current downloaded apps & medias . So i did -> setting-> general-> reset -> erase all contents (data & media). After doing it, when I plugged the phone itunes, it asks for previous apple Id.. But i don’t have it and didn’t get the guy (seller) for his id. What can I do ?

  2. Mohamed
    Mohamed says:

    I’ve tried 2nd step and worked but during the loading of the new system file the power is lost and computer went down then when the power comes back i tried to continue with the process it cannot be complete in iTunes it says verifying iPad and after 5 min an error massage appears with 1602,604 codes. Can you tell me what to do in this case.

  3. will
    will says:

    I brought an iPhone from someone and they forgot to Tell me da passcode how can I unlock it without computer it a 4s IOS 7

  4. william
    william says:

    How would I reset my iPhone, without the pass code? I can operate the phone perfectly, but when I got into settings to reset everything I have to enter the security code which I have no clue what it is since the previous owner set it. Any suggestions?

      • spence
        spence says:

        I have an iPhone 5 from eBay and the person never default the phone and I have no computer how do I reset everything without a password or computer

      • Vishwa
        Vishwa says:

        I tried to reset my phone by long pressing of home button and sleep/awake button but after that its asking password which i don’t remember… What should I do now..? Please suggest me

  5. Moshood
    Moshood says:

    Hi unlockshop can u plls put me true Hw to finished wit my restore factory setting I’m trying to hold home bottom n press unlock @ d same time according to ur msg,this is d result !!! Select boot mode:[volume_up to select.volume _down is ok.]. [recovery mode] [fastboot mode] and [normal boot ] so it’s hang to dat stage I can’t scroll to factory mode to delete n restore all my factory setting for me pls wat mst I do
    iPhone 5s

  6. will
    will says:

    My girlfriend and I recently bought an iphone 5, the lady we bought it from was selling it because her husband passed away. She did not know his apple id password so the phone has not been reset yet. Is there anyway of having it reset or should we get a refund?

    • Unlocked Shop
      Unlocked Shop says:

      Is there anyway of having it reset or should we get a refund? I think you should get a refund instead, because you will need the apple id password to restore your iPhone. Or you can install a third party software to bypass icloud activation lock.(It is not recommended.)

    • Prince
      Prince says:

      I recently bought an iPhone 4s off a close friend and he left apps and his iCloud account signed in i and i need help on factory resetting the because i do not know the password for the account. Any suggestions?

  7. Blackhawk
    Blackhawk says:

    im fixing an iphone 5 for a friend who smashed her screen, i replaced the screen everything seems to be working, but she can’t remember passcode. i enetered the ones she thought might be too many times and now the phone is disabled. trying to restore it then recover data with dr. fone. how do i do it on my computer(not the computer the phone is originally synced to). she lives out of state and sent it to me, i want to restore and then recover data before i send it back.

  8. ematt
    ematt says:

    can you use the method ” Press and then hold Home button simultaneously with the Sleep/Wake button. Home is found on your iPhone display, while the Sleep/Wake button is located on top of the unit.” to also erase jaillbrake?
    it’s un iphone 5 IOs 7,06 and will this method keeps this version of IOs or I”ll be force to update to last?

  9. Mari
    Mari says:

    So I held the home and top button together. It went to the apple logo. I let go, but then it would go to the lock screen again. I have a 5s. What do I do?

  10. utha
    utha says:

    Bagaimana cara me-reset id apple agar bisa terlihat seperti sebelum digunakan? How do I reset apple id in order to look like before it is used?

  11. jamie
    jamie says:

    my iphone is stuck on the itunes connect screen and the emergency calls only screen can you help me please i just got the phone

  12. Morgan
    Morgan says:

    hi im trying to reset my iphone 4 i did all the steps but its still asking for a password but i dont have it……i brought the phone from a friend

  13. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    So I lost my iphone4 for a few days, found it but whomever had it must’ve changed the code. Now I don’t know what it is and it is on my brothers Apple ID, I dot know what that is as he is now sadly gone. He left me the phone but no information. I don’t care if it wipes everything I just want his phone. Please help? I can’t access itunes either.

  14. afzal
    afzal says:

    i bought iphone 5 from bkk when i came back i cant use it any more when i select the lanuage and the country then it goes back to apple id and asking me to put the orignal id which was entered first time and i dont have that is there any thing i can do so it can work again

  15. jay
    jay says:

    I have a iPhone 5s its stuck on searching ,it won’t let me dial out or search the internet is there anyway I can stop it from searching….please help

  16. openvz
    openvz says:

    Hey very cool blog!! Man .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally? I’m glad to seek out a lot of helpful information right here within the post, we want work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .|

  17. SHEEN
    SHEEN says:

    I have an iPhone 5c A1532 model it’s asking me to create an apple ID does this mean the phone is unlocked and do I have to flash it to make it an metro pcs phone or can I put my SIM card in there and use it like that????

  18. Allison
    Allison says:

    I can’t sign out of icloud and I’ve tired every method to reset my phone and none of them work. Is there a way to reset my phone to factory mode? I’ve literally tried every method but none let me because I can’t sign out of iCloud pls help!!!

  19. CJ
    CJ says:


  20. Jessy
    Jessy says:

    I have a iPhone 4s I need to reset it but it isn’t connected to iTunes and I have tried pushing the sleep/wake button with the home button and it also doesn’t work…

  21. yuriko
    yuriko says:


    I have a problem, my niece was playing with my iphone and she accidentally put a passcode on my iphone. And i ask her for the passcode and she cant remember. So now my iphone was locked and it shows iphone is disable, please go to itunes. please help

  22. Kytee
    Kytee says:

    hello so my iphone 5c is disabled it says to connect to itunes but i have an hp laptop with chrome os which doesnt support itunes.. last nite it was saying iphone disabled wait 60 minutes well now it doesnt give me a time because i entered it too many times.. i also called my service provider and they said download itunes on another computer which i dont have access to or go to retail store… how can i “enable” my iphone again or unlock it? i cant use find my iphone because its sayin device is offline!!! please please help

  23. rodney
    rodney says:

    i bought a iphone 4 and i got it jailbroken so none not even my settings apps r on my phone i want to reset the phone but i cant go under settings

  24. Krystil
    Krystil says:

    Hi i brought an iphone 5c and it hasnt been reset. I tried hard reseting it but need icloud password and i dont know the password and the guy i got the phone from isnt answering me. Is there any way to hard reset without itunes

  25. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I got a iphone 4 a few months that I’m trying to factory reset. The original owner removed the icloud and iTunes on it. But now that I’m trying to factory reset the phone it’s asking me for a 4digit pass code that the original owner couldn’t remember. At this time I don’t have the original owners contact information anymore. How can I factory reset the phone?

  26. dalaboom
    dalaboom says:

    If you are in need of resetting a iPhone, you can use iTunes to make it true.
    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable and select “iPhone” from the toolbar.
    Step 2: before continuing, click the “Back Up Now” button to ensure your device is backed up before the restore.
    Step 3: Hold down the “Shift” button and click “Restore iPhone”.
    Step 4: Select the firmware ipsw file from your hard drive in when there is a pop-up, then click “Open”.
    Step 5: iTunes will ask you if you want to restore the iPhone to its factory settings. All of your media and other data will be erased. Click the “Restore” button to continue.
    Step 6: Wait till the process complete.
    After resetting your iPhone, if you found some data are lost, you can use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to recover your lost data, if you have backed up iPhone data to iTunes or iCloud before.

  27. Dev
    Dev says:


    I have a new iPhone 5s, was performing the setup and during the last stage was asked if I want to upgrade to ios9.2 and that is when the screen displayed the message ‘Slide to Upgrade’, now I can slide but the upgrade does not happen and the screen comes back to the Slide to Upgrade window.
    I have tried Restore iPhone, Update and Restore Backup options from iTunes, also tried the hard restore by pressing the home button and the switch off button at the top however, I am unable to go past the slide to upgrade screen.
    The update/Restore iPhone fails with the message that the download is not successful due to the connection reset.

    Please help.

  28. Nrm
    Nrm says:

    Hi I have a question I have a iphone 5s and I cant get it to factory reset with whatever I do please help I need it done for my son

  29. Abreeanna
    Abreeanna says:

    I bought an iPhone 6 from eBay and it’s disabled is there anyway I can reset it without any iCloud, iTunes, or anything like that ?

  30. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Hi I just got an iPhone 5c and I tried to download iOS 9.3.1 but when it cut back on it said that I need a Sim card. When I get a Sim card Will they ask me for the icloud?

  31. Tim
    Tim says:

    my phone got stuck so I restarted it .. And when it was on I tried entering my passcode but it didn’t accept it . So it got disabled and I don’t wanna lose my data and apps .

  32. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My phone froze during an update and turned off. When I went to turn on my phone it went to the normal white screen with the apple logo but then it switched to the blue screen of death. Now it’s on a loop. I now have it on a different screen where it shows the charger, arrow up symbol, and then the iTunes logo. It also has I’ve done everything the site told me to do but it didn’t fix anything. Any idea’s? I have an iPhone 5S by the way.

  33. Ariel Remington
    Ariel Remington says:

    um well i have the iphone 7 and i dont remember the password and im disabled…how do i reset and erase everything on the phone. i also dont have the charger…

  34. Lila
    Lila says:

    I bought an iPhone from a guy but when I turned it on it had a password. I don’t have a computer. So how do I reset it without the password, itunes, or a computer

  35. casey
    casey says:

    i have an iPhone 5s and i can’t get past the set up because my friend didn’t give me his apple ID and password. He doesn’t remember either one or any of the security questions for it what should i do??????

  36. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4s that I can use to make calls but don’t know the icloud Password. How do I remove it?

  37. kelley
    kelley says:

    i was given an iphone 4 by a friend when i lost my phone. i do not have the passcode for it. nor do i have access to itunes or icloud. is there any way possible to reset this??

  38. Joel
    Joel says:

    Hi I have forgotten my passcode for my iphone4s and iTunes and now it is disabled how do I factory reset my phone

  39. Akheena
    Akheena says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and I forgot the pass and I want to restart the whole thing but I don’t have a computer

  40. Shawn simmers
    Shawn simmers says:

    I found an I phone model #A1349 but when I cut it on it says phone disabled connect to I tunes how can I get the phone to where I can go to the menu and stuff

  41. Deloris L Houk
    Deloris L Houk says:

    I have an iphone 6S+ and it was stolen. Unfortunately my computer that had my itunes account was also stolen. I was fortunate enough last week to get my iphone back but now it says it is disabled. I want to get back into it and use it. I don’t care about the info inside because i have icloud backup. I have tried everything i have watched but all want an serial or MEI number which I do not have anymore. and i cant get into the phone to retrieve it.

    • Lee
      Lee says:

      If you have a contract you may be able to go in to store and verify your identity and they may know how to or contact Apple and they can sort it for you

  42. moiz farooqi
    moiz farooqi says:

    Hi I have a iPhone 4s and I want to reset it .my 5 years old sister put a password on it .I unfortunately do not have a laptop or computer I can download iTunes can I reset it.

  43. Brevin Ratliff
    Brevin Ratliff says:

    If you had turn off your “find my iPhone”, this way can easily remove the passcode from your iPhone or iPad


  44. Julip
    Julip says:

    Hi umm I am having problems with my iPhone 5 se and I can’t do anything but to plug it to iTunes but do u have any other opinions for me please

  45. Imani
    Imani says:

    Say you have a disabled iPhone and it’s off. You want to reset the whole iPhone and connecting to iTunes isn’t working. You tried the other one above, and it don’t work. What do you do?

  46. Smurfette
    Smurfette says:

    i just got an iphone 5 from my friend who got it second hand, its disabled and itunes wont connect (must be icloud synced) is there a way i can unlock and reset it so i can use it myself?

  47. jj
    jj says:

    hey i found an iphone 5s outside and when i charged it up it was disable. how do you enable it without connecting to itunes?

  48. JC
    JC says:

    Hi I just found my lost iPhone 4. And apparently I forgot my old email and password. I tried to do a hard reset on it but it still would go back on the activation required loop. And is linked to my old gmail account

  49. Mobiletech Review
    Mobiletech Review says:

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