Learn More about Using FaceTime on iPhones

Apple introduced a video-calling service called FaceTime with the most recent models of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Mac. This service allows Apple device user to enjoy free calls to other Apple devices over cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

If you have an iPhone (iPhone 4 or later model) then FaceTime is bundled into your Phone app. For iPad, Mac and iPod Touch, FaceTime is a separate application. For all included devices (iPad Mini, iPad 2 and later models, Fourth Gen iPod Touch and later models, and Mac with Mac X v.10.6.6 OS or later models) the app can connect to Apple-registered email addresses or phone numbers. This means FaceTime allows for easier communication for family and friends. All it takes is for everyone to use the required devices and keeping in touch is as easy as making a normal phone call. The big bonus is that you get to see who you are talking to. Plus it is also possible to make call conferences. FaceTime is indeed a good alternative to other chat apps like Facebook Messenger and Skype.

What’s more convenient about FaceTime is that it works instantly – out of the box. There is no need to create a special account (just like you would with messengers and Skype). All you need is the contact details of the person you want to talk to and you are on the go.

Step by Step Instruction

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your device follows the system requirements – the latest models of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac OS. Then it is also important to keep in mind that video calling on FaceTime is available depending on network carrier policies. Additionally, you must know that if you use FaceTime over wireless network, charges may apply. Also, make sure that you have the contact information of the people you would want to call using the app.

Next step is to launch Facetime and this is an easy thing to do. For compatible iPhones, the app functions right out of the box. For Mac users, FaceTime is downloadable from the App Store. On your iPhone, just register your telephone number during activation. To launch the software, enter your Apple ID and then your password. Follow the directions for finishing the registration process.

Once you are registered, you need to select the email addresses and phone numbers that you want to be associated with the FaceTime account that you have.

Make a FaceTime Call on your iPhone

You can call using your Contacts. Just tap the blue icon for FaceTime and you will see your contact list. Choose who you want to invite for the video call.

Adding another party while you are on an ongoing cal is also possible using the phone; just tap the circled video icon for FaceTime (at the bottom-center) and you can view the contact that you want added to the video call.
You can also go to Messages if you want to make a call; just tap the Contact option and view a message. Follow the FaceTime icon and invite the person to a video call.

If Siri is activated on your iPHone, you can also use it for making FaceTime video calls. For two seconds, hold Home button steady and simply utter “FaceTime video (name of the contact)” and to send invitation for a video call.

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