Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking Apple Devices

Jailbreaking Apple Devices is a very popular word with iPhone users. Jailbreaking is defined as the process of removing the limits imposed by Apple; it modifies the mobile phone operating system (Apple iOS) to work on unsigned code to gain access to the files that Apple do not normally let its users access. Once your device is ‘jailbroken’, you will have the privileges to do what you cannot do on a regular iPhone, like installing applications, themes and extensions. It enables you to add unofficial installers to the Apple iOS device (like Cydia), which allows you download third party applications, extensions and tweaks, which are not available via the App Store.

Although jailbreak is commonly used for iPhones, it can also be done with iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. This is different from rooting an android device.

You might want to check on some of the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking before you bring your device to the experienced professionals to do the job for you.


Since it will be breaking the limits that Apple has set, if ever you catch a glitch which will force you to take your device to Apple, you might lose your warranty when they find out that it has been jailbroken.

After the jailbreak process, your phone will be vulnerable to viruses, these are called iPhone worms which have caused damages in the past.

Your data are no longer protected once your device had undergone jailbreaking. Your contacts, personal messages, and even your bank passcode can be leaked.

When downloading software programs or applications, it might affect your battery or the device’s performance because it hasn’t been properly optimized by Apple.

If you decide to do the jailbreaking on your own, make sure that you use a trustworthy site  and follow instructions carefully.


FREEDOM! You get to maximize your use for your iPhone

You no longer need to wait for permission from App Store.

Making data back-ups doesn’t require approval from Apple.

You can customize and personalize your device to your heart’s desire.

You will have the ability to install third party applications and tweaks which Apple doesn’t or wouldn’t approve in the App Store.

Jailbreaking also unlocks your phone for it to work on different carriers.

It is mentioned on the disadvantages that a jailbroken iPhone voids warranty, but if there is really a need to bring your mobile phone to the Apple Store, and then you can use iTunes to restore to factory settings. This will return your iPhone to how it was when you purchased it. When you do it that way.

When jailbreaking, the worst thing you could get is an unresponsive device. When that happens, you can or cannot restore the iOS device’s firmware to its stock version.

Unlocking is different from jailbreaking. As previously noted, jailbreaking allows you to install different third party applications while unlocking lets you use your Apple device on another carrier.

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