How to Set up Your iPhone, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Having a new iPhone could be one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. Currently, the newest Apple released devices are called the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and if you have one of these phones, then it is only natural that you almost cannot wait to set it up. What you have in your hands, after all, is not just an ordinary phone; rather a phone being coveted the world over.

Your new iPhone wouldn’t work well for you if you are not going to set it up properly. The guide below should be able to help you out in the process.


1. Turn the phone ON

It is standard procedure to turn the device ON after unpacking. Previous iPhone models are turned ON by pressing the top right button. For both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you will see the Power button at the upper right part. Press and hold until you see the screen lighting up and the Apple symbol appears. Insert your SIM card and then proceed. The Hello screen is going to appear and all you need to do is to swipe it from left to right and you can start the setup process.

2. Setup Assistant

On setting up you are going to begin by selecting a language and country/region. You are then going to connect to a WiFi network so you can sign in to iCloud – create an iCloud account if you do not have one yet.
You will also be asked if you want to upgrade to iCloud Drive, Apple’s updated storage system. It would be a good idea to opt not to upgrade just yet as the new system is not yet ready. So, click Not Now.
One recommended move is to enable the Find my iPhone feature. You can proceed by setting up your device as New iPhone. You also have the option to restore your files either from iTunes or iCloud.


3. Sign in with or Create an Apple ID

If you do not have an Apple ID yet, you are going to need to create one so you can sign in. Once you have signed in a notification for verification of your identity is going to alert you. Finish the verification process so you can continue.

Make your iPhone come alive by importing your settings, apps, photos, contacts, and other stored content by backing it up through your iCloud account. Prior to the transfer, it would be a good idea to back your data up through iCloud or iTunes.

Click Restore from iTunes Backup to sync through Lightning cable. For wireless synching, connect to a WiFi network and select Restore from iCloud Backup.

4. Lock the Phone

Your new iPhone is not just going to be your hightech device; it is going to be home to your private communication and information. It will hold you passwords, chats, conversation, emails, or even some intimate photos. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have it properly secured by activating Touch ID. You are going to be prompted to enable Touch ID during setup and you will get instructions on how to do it. The system is going to have your fingerprint stored. You can also add other fingerprints by going to Settings, scroll down and select Touch ID & Passcode, then select Add a Fingerprint.

5. Create your contact list

A phone is not a phone if it does not have a contact list. After all, the main use of your iPhone is still to make calls. You can have your network provider assist you in the process of transferring contacts from your old phone to the new one. You can also load your contact list by plugging the device to a Mac and choosing iTunes – click Info and then choose Sync Address Book Contacts.

If you are going to use your old phone’s SIM card, just go to Settings and transfer all information you need. Select the phone numbers and email addresses of people who can get in touch with you via FaceTime and iMessage. Deselect numbers and emails that you no longer need and then tap Next.

6. Clean your screen

As part of having an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you are required to welcome the iOS 8, the new Apple OS. This means you are going to have to manage the clutter that comes with it. There is no way to delete the apps from Apple, but you can hide them in a folder to lessen the shortcut icons on your screen.

Look for an app that you don’t need, press down on the icon and drag it. You have two options as to where to place that icon; to the right so that it will be stored to the back page or to the top where a folder will be created for it.

7. Save the battery

To save your battery power, you should turn off the parallax, that visual feature that can drain the battery fast. You can do this by clicking Settings, then General, then Accessibility and turning the Reduce Motion ON option.
8. Make your phone really yours

After going through the basics, it is about time to get real comfy with your new phone. First, you can install a third-party keyboard that can effectively eliminate any future autocorrect nightmares. You can choose to download a free app like SwiftKey or paid apps like Fleksy or Swype.

After the downloading process go to Settings, then to General and then to Keyboard – choose Add New Keyboard. You can opt to use apple-made keyboard or third-party keyboard. You can also install from the Other iPhone Keyboard options. One app that comes highly recommended is the Emoji.

Tapping the preferred third party keyboard will have it installed automatically. You are going to have to tap it once more and choose Allow Full Access for it to work.

9. Customize your sounds

You can now modify your phone’s ringtone and its vibrations according to your preferences. Go to Settings and then choose Sounds. For visual alerts, go to Settings, then to General, then to Accessibility and choose LED Flash for Alerts.

You may also opt to change your iPhone’s name. This is recommended if you are using more than one iOS device. By defauly, your first name is going to be chosen be the software and connect iPhone to it.
Now, you are ready to enjoy a whole new world with your new iPhone.

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