How To Find iPhone IMEI Number

Do you know what an IMEI is? If you do not, then you will be glad to know that an IMEI is an International Mobile Equipment Identity number that consists of seventeen to fifteen digits. This number is used to identify a mobile station to a UMTS or GSM network. The number carries out a very important function and it uniquely identifies a certain phone that is being utilized on a mobile network. This is a very useful tool that can prevent a stolen handset from being able to gain access to a network and be used to make calls. People who own a phone and have had their phones stolen can get in touch with their mobile network provider and have them disable the phone utilizing the phone’s IMEI number. With the number, you can have the phone blocked from the network within great ease. If you are wondering how you can have your IMEI located, then you can read the instructions below to find your phone’s IMEI number.General

First tap on Settings. The Settings window will open up when you can see and set all your preferences according to your choice.  Scroll down the list and click on General. A list will show up where you will be provided with all the basic information about your iPhone.


Tap on the About option from the list.


Find your IMEI. You will need to scroll down the list of information telling you about your videos, songs, pictures, etc. Near the bottom, you will notice IMEI and on the rid of that will be a 15 digit number. This will be your IMEI.

You now know how to locate your IMEI number on your iPhone. It is a very simple task and if you use the steps provided above, then you are bound to find your IMEI number within a very short period of time!

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