Frequently Asked Questions

No, We do not

Yes, But,  you will need  to  update your device data settings to be able to send MMS and connect to the Internet via your Browser.

(GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications.)   A GSM SIM card is a small card in a GSM phone that identifies the cellphone and allows it to access a network.

No,  it will not work.  iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, and 5s supports 4G only.

Phone must be unlocked and must have unlimited Phone & data from NET10, otherwise will not work.

   Click here to visit  net 10 forum for settings  

Before doing anything else, you need to make sure has been placed correctly.

1.  Turn on and turn off  the device, after doing this will detect the sim Card.

I did it but , it is not working.  You should try at least five times.

Still NOT working…….

You should try a newer sim card, if reads the sim card quickly, it means the preview sim card was damaged.

I tried but still NOT working…..

It means the sim card reader has been damaged……and needs  to be repaired.

Means that the sim card is not activated.

It most likely that you will need to update  your carrier APN settings to make the internet work with data plan.

Go to General> Cellular> Cellular data network>>Cellular Data

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications.

Yes, You can use it with METRO PCS. You need to have Metro PCS SIM CARD, for AT&T unlocked iPhones. Learn more

It means that the iPhone has been unlocked permanently.