Factory Unlocked Phone – Explained

While there are people who prefer to have the freedom of using pay-as-you-go mobile phones, there are still some individuals who choose to be under contract with a mobile network service provider. Many subscribers, however, have found out that getting away from network providers can be difficult. Most cellular service providers impose high termination fees for their subscribers who try to leave prior to the end of the contracts. The most common reason why mobile phone users choose to leave a network is to use their phones through other network services.

Since the process can be a little bit complicated and costly, some people opt to by factory unlocked phones. But what exactly are factory unlocked phones? These are mobile devices that are not specifically locked to a specific mobile carrier.

In order to properly understand everything about factory unlocked phone, it is important to know that it is different from unlocked phones. It is also a necessity to know that mobile phones need to be locked initially.

Factory unlocked phones are phones that have been manufactured for a particular carrier and then locked to that specific network. But prior to the shipment of that phone, it has to be unlocked from the factory. These factory unlocked phones are being sold by retailers and third-party websites at premium prices due to the flexibility they offer. These phones can be used with any SIM card and they are guaranteed to be hacked-free and they do not require hazardous or risky unlocking processes.
A factory unlocked phone means there were no changes made to the software and hardware, making them available for cellular phone provider. Many people prefer to buy factory unlocked phones rather than locked phones because of the convenience they have in switching providers whenever they want to. All they need to do is to change the SIM card.

Reasons Why Mobile Users Choose Factory Unlocked Phones

There are many reasons as to why a mobile user may opt to have his/her phone unlocked. Unlocking makes it possible for users to leave a mobile carrier at any given time. A factory unlocked phone is not being serviced by any mobile network service provider, thus there are no contracts to be worried about. Of course, the hefty termination fess should always be considered.

But changing mobile network provider is not the only reason why people prefer to have unlocked phones. Being able to save money on roaming charges is another good reason. For those people who always travel on businesses, having to pay high for roaming charges is simply not a good idea. Therefore, they opt to use unlocked phone so that they can make cheap phone calls and send low rate SMS’s.

It is also convenient to have an unlocked phone if you decide to resell it. Unlocked mobile phones have higher resale value than locked units.

If you want to have the freedom when using your mobile phone, buying a factory unlocked phone is your best option. Imagine how good it is to have the liberty to just change the SIM card in case your current provider decides to increase their service rates.



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