Comprehensive Review of the Powerhouse HTC One

The HTC One proudly flaunts a magnificent metal design with the power of a quad-core processor, Android jelly Bean and stunning 4.7 inches 1080p screen. The HTC One is no doubt one of the most powerful beautiful Android smartphones today.
As the successor to the HTC One X, the HTC One is expertly crafted from high quality premium metals, making it a one of the most sought after phones from this Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer.

HTC One Design

The design of the HTC One is very nice. It has a sleek finish with stylish metal body that makes this smartphone a very classy looking device. The HTC One has a rectangular designed body that is very thin and flat. Basically, this HTC phone is an all-screen device. It has a 4.7 inches of LCD display that makes use of the so-called SoLuz Technology that produces enhanced picture quality and creates 468ppi. This makes that One’s screen to proudly

boost a very remarkable viewing experience; something that has not been accomplished by any smartphone since now. What makes the HTC One screen stand out? At 4.7 inches (a very decent size compared to other smartphones) and with the same resolution used for other 5-inch screened phones, there is no doubt that the HTC One’s screen produces very precise displays due to denser and higher pixel counts.

The dual speakers are ideally positioned at the front side, which is something really new and something that adds to the beauty of the HTC One.

HTC One Features

The HTC One has been skillfully incorporated with the power of the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Android OS. This may not be the latest in the Jelly Bean series, but this phone lets the users enjoy all the integration with the wide range of Google’s service and software – included are; Gmail, Google Drive, Google Talk, and more, with additional access to more than 700 thousand applications ready to download from Google Play.

The HTC One features the UltraPixel Camera, which is an innovative imaging technology offering better quality results for photos and videos. It also has a front facing camera that can be expected to take great pictures. With the HTC ImageChip, users of the One have the ability to enjoy continuous autofocus, noise reduction and color shading, along with High Dynamic Range.

On top of the Android power is another version of Sense UI from HTC. This latest Sense version provides additional enhancements that could prove really useful. One enhancement is called BlinkFeed, which is a home screen that has dynamic tiles that effectively display contents from blogs, news outlets and different websites.

With the easy availability of thousands of applications from Google Play, the HTC One can be easily turned into gamers’ hand-held paradise. Users can also enjoy playing heavy-duty games and watch movies comfortably too with the help of the Beats Audio.

Other enhancements and features of the HTC One include the IR Blaster, voice recorder, HTC Watch, music player, FM tuner, and many more.


There is no doubt that with the unique metal body and the great features incorporated with the HTC One, it can be easily considered as one of the best smartphones today.

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