What Does CDMA Phone?

Do you know what the acronym CDMA means? If you do not, then you can find out the meaning of CDMA in this passage. CDMA means Code Division Multiple Access. CDMA is a competing service of cell phone technology to GSM, which is considered to be the most widely utilize cell phone standard of the world!

The spread-spectrum method is used by CDMA through which electromagnetic energy is spread to give rise to a signal that has a wider bandwidth. This permits numerous people on various cell phones to get multiplexed over a similar channel by sharing a bandwidth of various frequencies.

With this type of technology of CDMA, voice and data packets get separated by utilizing codes and then they are transmitted utilizing a wide frequency range. Since a lot of space is usually required for information when using CDMA, this certain standard became much more feasible and attractive for the use of 3G high-speed mobile Internets.

This standard was first designed in the United States of America. The standard is mainly utilized in the US and some areas of Asia use it as well along with various carriers such as Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and Sprint use the CDMA standard while GSM is used by AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint utilizes this technology for its cellular device networks and it will continue to use CDMA as a part of their network’s technology! While the GSM and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technologies compete with each other head on in terms of speed and higher bandwidth for people who are surfing the Internet through their phone, GSM has gained more worldwide coverage because of international contracts. The GSM technology mostly covers the rural regions in the United States of America more than the CDMA technology. Whereas, CDMA has gained more popularity than the TDMA technology as of today! Now that you know what Code Division Multiple Access means, you can tell others and even make use of the technology if would like.

CDMA is a greatly used piece of technology that you too can use on your cellular device to increase the speed of your Internet if you are surfing the Internet through your gadget. The use of this technology is widely popular and it is gaining up on the GSM technology as well. Many service providers are using the CDMA standard to increase their productivity and performance.

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