Get to Know the Top 5 Smartphones with the Best Camera Resolution

There is no doubt that camera phone have surely come a long way since they were first introduced a few years ago. Nowadays, you do not have to actually own a DSLR or a point-and-shoot digital camera to take great pictures; you can just grab your smartphone and take your best shots. Read more

How to Activate an Unlocked AT&T iPhone/Cell Phone

An unlocked AT&T iPhone  can be activated with an easy integration with the media software of Apple, iTunes. Activating your iPhone allows you to browse the web, play games and download music and videos. Read more

How To Activate Some CDMA Phones With Straight Talk

CDMA is a code division multiple access method that is utilized by different radio communication gadgets and technologies. It is a great example of multiple accesses through which different transmitters are capable of sending information over one communication channel simultaneously. This permits different users to share bandwidth. Read more

Learn More about Using FaceTime on iPhones

Apple introduced a video-calling service called FaceTime with the most recent models of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Mac. This service allows Apple device user to enjoy free calls to other Apple devices over cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Read more


Are you searching for a way to setup the APN settings on your iPhone? If you are, then you should know that the task is very simple and you will be able to do it with great ease. APN settings are basically access points names that are composed of different settings. These settings can include text fields that you will need to fill out in order to link to data services. Read more

How To Set Up The Apn Setting For Simple Mobile, Iphone Ios 6 Or Later. (Apple Iphone – (Internet And Mms (Ios 6 Or Later)

Do you have an iPhone iOS 6 that needs to have its APN settings fixed? If you do, then you should first learn what APN settings. APN settings are access point names that include different settings that you can make to your phone in order to enhance the performance of your phone and improve your phone’s efficiency. These settings include text fields that will need to be filled out by you in order to get Read more

Hey Siri: Get to Know this iOS 8 Innovation

iOS 8 Innovation

The world is definitely going very high-tech. It is now possible to ask questions to your device without you laying a finger on it. The “Hey, Siri” command gives more power to Siri, the voice-controlled PA from Apple. Read more

Setting Up an iPhone Ringtone and Getting Custom Text Tone

If you want a great ringtone for your iPhone and you have actually tried using different applications that claim to create iPhone ringtones, only to be disappointed then you could have used the wrong means. These apps may claim to have the ability to give you what you want, but in truth they have no access to the iPhone folders, which means that you will not be able to really add the tones into your iPhone’s tone list. What you need to do is to synch your mobile phone with iTunes because that is the only way to have those tones appear on your phone. Read more

How to activate an Unlocked iPhone 3g,3gs and 4 with Straight Talk SIM Card Program

Activating an unlocked iPhone with Straight Talk SIM card is quite easy because either AT&T or TMobile can be used. The easiest models to activate are the iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s. That is not all, Network Settings screen full access is also possible and it also lets to enter the new MMS settings and Straight Talk APN settings without the need to jump through different processes like usually done on an AT&T locked iPhone. Read more

How to Set Up Internet Data for AT&T Compatible Sim Card for iPhone

Do you know how to configure your Internet data connection? If you do not, then you should consider reading the instructions given below. With the help of these instructions you will be able to learn how you can configure your Internet data connection without having to face any hassle. Read more