AT&T Compatible Sim Card for NET10 and Straight Talk, Internet Settings

Net10 and Straight Talk, both of which are a part of Tracfone, are MVNOs that provide prepaid unlimited texts, talk, and even data plans for $45 with Straight Talk and $50 with NET10. Both of these mobile virtual network operators sell Bring Your Own Phone SIMS that allows you to utilize your own phone with the service. This service is very famous due to its price. However, there are a few hurtles in obtaining MMS and data working with NET10 and Straight Talk if you are utilizing your phone. Some questions have been answered regarding how you can use the GMS BYOP program with your T-Mobile, unlocked GSM, or AT&T phone.

What Networks Are Used By NET10 and Straight Talk?

Both of these services offer both T-Mobile and AT&T based SIMS.

What Phones Work?

Any T-Mobile or AT&T phone except for a Blackberry will operate for text and voice. T-Mobile and AT&T phones do not have to be unlocked as long as you are using Straight Talk and NET10 AT&T SIM with an AT&T phone and Straight Talk or a Net10 T-Mobile SIM with these phones.

You can also utilize unlocked GMS phones if it supports the appropriate radio brands:

UTMS band V (850 Mhz) and a band II with 1900 Mhz for speed data with AT&T SIMs.

1900 Mhz and 850 Mhz for voice, low speed data, and SMS with any NET10 or Straight Talk SIM.

LTE band 17 of 700 Mhz for a 4G LTE data with the use of an AT&T SIM.

UTMS band IV with 1700 Mhz for the highest speed data coverage with the use of a T-Mobile SIM. Phones that are able to support band II of 1900 Mhz will obtain great speed data in various places with a T-Mobile SIM.

To utilize Straight Talk with a compatible phone you have to purchase a Straight Talk SIM card that is available from the website for around $15 with tax. The shipping is free. These SIMs are available for a similar cost at or even in Wal-Mart stores.

You can find NET10 SIMs at for around $14.99 and for less at eBay and Amazon and even from independent phone shops for around $5.

What are the disadvantages of utilizing NET10 and Straight Talk with my phone?

There are three disadvantages that you must know about:

1. Limited customer support: When it comes to setting your phone, you are on your own. You will have to change the settings on your phone to get picture messaging and data to operate.

2. Manual setup is needed: Configuring of MMS picture messaging and data on Android phones includes changing some settings but it is not that hard and you will find out how to do it below.

The MMS settings are locked on the phones that run a Windows Phone version that is older than WP 8. Both MMS and data settings are hiding on the iPhones that utilized SIMs that are AT&T based. There are a few ways to get around Microsoft and Apple’s stupidity in blocking the users from important settings, but it requires a whole lot more work than it does with Android. There is presently no way to get the MMS working on Widows Phones that run WP 7.8 or older.

3. Unlimited data is not unlimited: Even though data is said to be unlimited. Net10 and Straight Talk both prohibit tethering and video streaming.

Both of the MVNOs have undocumented data cap that is encourage inconsistently. A few users report utilizing more than 8 GB of data ever month without difficulties but others have viewed there data cut off or went to around 128 Kbps after utilizing as little as 1 GB. However, messaging and voice seems to be unlimited. Straight Talk or Net10 has never been reported to restrict someone’s service for texting or talking too much.

How you can setup Straight Talk picture and data messaging on Android

You can follow the guidelines that were accompanied with the SIM to stimulate it online at the website or at You can even call at 1-855-222-2355. Put your SIM into your phone and switch it on. In order to make sure if your SIM is active, you should make a test call. It can take some time to complete the activation procedure. If you still cannot make a voice call after a matter of one hour, you should call Straight Talk’s BYOP SIM support number which is 855-222-2355. There is absolutely no point in attempting to set up information until your SIM is active. Once you are able to start making calls:

On the Home Screen of your Android, press on the Menu button, tap on Settings, then Wireless & Networks, and then Mobile Networks, and finally Access Point Names.

You will find yourself on the APN screen. Press on the Menu button and tap on New APN.

Enter in the values given below in every field. There are a few extra fields present on your phone’s screen that are not been listed below. You should leave those fields blank.

Net10 and Straight Talks keeps changing its settings for SIMs that are AT&T based SIMs that have been activated since June 2013 must be utilizing the new settings. However, there are many accounts that are still utilizing old values. You can try out the New settings and if they do not work, then you can try out the old settings. If your phone supports AT&T LTE band 17, then you can use New APN settings to obtain the LTE and might even have to purchase a new SIM.

Straight Talk Android Setup
AT&T SIM “New” Settings AT&T SIM “OLD” Settings T-Mobile SIM
Name Straight Talk or NET10 Straight Talk or NET10 Straight Talk or NET10
APN tfdata att.mvno 1 wap.tracfone
Proxy Leave blank 2 Leave blank 2 Leave blank 6
Port 80 80 8080
MMS Proxy 4 Leave blank 6
MMS Port 80 80 Leave blank
MCC 310 310 310
MNC 410 410 260
Authentication Type PAP PAP Leave blank
APN Type default,supl,mms 5 default,supl,mms 5 default,supl,mms 5


If you do not have data with AT&T MVNO, you can try the wap tracfone in your APN field.

Straight Talk advises using, but such a things causes websites like to become blocked. There aren’t any known issues with leaving your proxy field empty.

If the MMS feature does not work, you can try setting your MMSC to

If MMS is still not working, you can attempt changing MMS proxy to a

You can select internet+mms if the APN type field becomes a dropdown. You can try changing APN type to a default mms or leave the field blank if MMS is not working.

If MMS or data does not work, you should try utilizing in the MMS proxy and proxy fields.

Press on Menu and click on Save.

Set your Straight Talk APN as an active APN by clicking the radio button on its right until it becomes green as in the picture below.

Get rid of other APNs if you can. In order to delete, click the APN name to make it open up, then press on the Menu button and click on delete. A number of phones will not allow you to delete your Operator APNs. If this is the case, then make sure that the Straight Talk AP has been selected as shown by the green dot near it in the image below.

Turn off your phone and turn it back on. Attempt to open a web page. If it does not work, then consult the troubleshooting section below.

Android specific troubleshooting
If you followed the steps given above, but data did not work, then you should go back to Access Point Names’ screen and make sure that the Straight Talk APN is chosen. If it is not, then re-select that option and attempt opening a page in its browser. Double check the entries on the APN setup screen. An extra or missing space, a character will keep the picture messaging or data from working.

A number of phones tend to switch to AT&T or the T-Mobile APN. If this occurs, you should try deleting the extra APNs. If they are locked and your delete button is not working, then go to Play Store on your phone and install an APN Backup and Restore Application by Ritesh Sahu. Utilize the application to backup all your APNs and delete them. It will get rid of all of them. You will have to re-add your Straight Talk one when you are done. APN Backup and Restore does not work with phones that run Android 4, but an app known as Tweakker does.

How to setup picture messaging and Straight Talk data on your iPhone:

You can follow the instructions that you received with your SIM in order to activate it online at the website or the website. You can even call 1-855-222-2355. Put your SIM into your phone and turn it on. To make sure if your SIM is working properly, you should make a test call. Sometimes, the activation process takes some time. If you cannot make voice calls within a matter of one hour, you should call BYOP SIM support number of Straight Talk at 855-222-2355.

For T-Mobile based SIMs only:

  • Go to Settings, then General, and then Cellular.
  • Confirm that the Cellular Data Network is on.
  • Choose Cellular Data Network.
  • In this section, submit the following values:
  • The APN: wap.tracfone.
  • Leave the password and username boxes empty.
  • In the MMS area, submit the following values.
  • APN:
  • Leave the password and username boxes empty.
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy: Leave it blank
  • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
  • The MMS UA Prof URL:
  • Click on the Home button in order to save the APNs. When done, exit to its main screen.
  • Go to Settings and then Messages.
  • Change the MMS Messaging settings to On.
  • Press on the Home button to save and then exit to your main screen.
  • Turn your phone off and then turn it back on.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi settings off and test picture messaging and connectivity.

The AT&T SIMs for iPhones is able to recognize NET10 AT&T SIM or Straight Talk as the AT&T SIM. The recognition allows the SIM to configure itself for the postpaid AT&T and then lock the settings so that they cannot be altered.

In order to override the settings for AT&T you will need to utilize the webapp known as Straight Talk to alter the NET10/Straight Talk settings to your phone by using WiFi. This procedure will configure all of the information such as email, browsing and so much more, this does not include messaging on any other iPhone, whether the phone is or is not jailbroken:

You must connect to the WiFi and go to with Safari on the iPhone.

Click “Install“.

You must turn the phone on and off in order to test if the web is working.

If the information does not work, then it may be because you Straight Talk or NET 10 account is not configured properly or you may be using the old settings. In order to setup your iPhone with the old settings you must:

You will need to WiFi and go to with Safari on the iPhone.

On the Unlockit page you will need to click on”Create APN“.

Select the County: United States, Carrier: Straight Talk and click on the “Create APN” button.

Click “Install“.

You must test the web to see if it is working by turning the phone on and off.

There are many ways to setup picture messaging on the iPhone that is using the NET10 or Straight Talk AT&T SIM. There are various methods because the models of the iPhone different and it depends on whether the phone is or is not jailbroken.

The instructions for the jailbroken and locked phones have been provided below. This particular method is suitable for locked and unlocked iPhone 5C, 5, 5S, and 4S, but does not work for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS should be unlocked.

You should own a non AT&T MVNO SIM card. Also, a T-Mobile SIM or a non United States SIM can work. The SIM can be expired, inactive, or active.

  • You should go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to clear all of the old settings.
  • Then you should turn off your WiFi
  • Insert the T-Mobile or your non-AT&T compatible SIM card
  • Start the Notes app,
  • Double click the Home button to insert the Notes in the background
  • Tap on Home and go to Settings > General > Cellular. Be sure that Mobile Data  is turned “ON”
  • When “Cellular Data Network” appears you should tap on it.
  • Double tap the Home button to reach the multitasker and then switch to Notes
  • Remove the non-AT&T SIM card and you should replace it with the AT&T MVNO SIM
  • Wait for the signal bars appear on the screen again and 3G or 4G icon to appear at the top of the screen and 
  • Double tap the Home keys to bring up Multitasking and then you must switch back to your settings

Insert the following settings. Use the “New” settings, if they don’t work, then try out the old settings (NET10/Straight Talk is trying to change every AT&T users settings)

In the Cellular Data area, enter:

APN: tfdata (or att.mvno for older accounts)

Leave the Username and Password fields blank.

In the MMS area enter the following values:

APN: tfdata (or att.mvno for older accounts)

Leave the Username and Password fields blank.

  • MMSC: (or for older accounts)
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
  • MMS UA Prof URL:
  • Click the Home button in order to save the APNs and leave the main screen.
  • Go to Settings > Messages
  • MMS Messaging should be turned on
  • Click the Home button in order to save and leave the main screen.
  • After that turn the device off and on

The process is a little hectic, especially when you own the iOS7.  If you do not understand this, then there is a YouTube video created by Paul W that you can watch.

AT&T and Apple send updates occasionally over the air to the iPhones through the use of the AT&T SIMs. These particular updates will reset your phone to the default settings and these settings will not allow NET10 or Straight Talk to work. If your data does not work after the update, then you will need to redo all of the settings.

How to setup Straight Talk data and picture messaging on Windows Phone

Follow the instructions that came with the SIM to activate it online at or
or by calling 1-855-222-2355. Insert the SIM in the phone and turn it on. Make a test call to be sure your SIM really is active. Sometimes it takes a little while for the activation to process. If you still can’t make voice calls after an hour, call Straight Talk’s dedicated BYOP SIM support number at 855-222-2355. There’s no point in trying to set up data until the SIM is active. Once you can make calls:

Data Only Setup:

To set up data on a Windows Phone:
1. Tap the arrow button in the right corner of the home screen and then go to the main menu.
2. Tap
Settings > Cellular and set Data connection to On.
3. Tap
Add apn (WP7) or Add internet apn (WP8).
4. On the APN screen for settings you must enter
tfdata (or att.mvno for older customers) in the APN field   if you are using an AT&T SIM.
If you are utilizing a T-Mobile SIM, enter 
wap.tracfone.  You should leave the other spaces blank. Once you tap the disk icon all of your settings will be saved.
5. Make sure that the WiFi is off. You must open up your browser if you want to test the connection by loading any website.

MMS and Data Setup:

Windows Phone 7

The Windows 7 phones do not allow the users to alter the MMS settings directly like the Windows 8 phones. However, you must know that Samsung and Nokia have created an app that will allow you to have complete access to the MMS settings. The Nokia app operates will all of the Nokia Windows Phone 7 models, but the Samsung app only operates with Samsung Focus 2, Samsung Focus Flash, and Samsung Focus S. It does not operate with the original version of Samsung Focus.

There is no possible way to configure the Windows 7 cellular devices from LG, Dell, or HTC to operate with the MMS Straight Talk.

The process of MMS setting varies with all of the Windows Phone 7 models. There are so many variations and not all can be described here. However, you can visit in order to see all of the setups. There are MMS setup screenshots and detailed instructions that you can use.

Windows Phone 8
With Windows Phone 8 MMS settings are fully reachable. To configure MMS on all Windows Phone 8 devices:

1. Tap the arrow icon in the top right corner of the home screen to go to the main menu.
2. Tap Settings > Cellular.
3. Tap 
Add mms apn.
4. On the APN Settings screen enter the following values:

For an AT&T SIM:
APN: tfdata (or att.mvno for older customers)
WAP Gateway:
WAP Gateway Port: 80
MMSC : (or for older accounts)

For a T-Mobile SIM:
WAP Gateway Port :leave blank
MMSC Port: 80

5. Leave the other fields empty and tap the disk icon to save your settings

Troubleshooting – All Phones
If you have followed all of the instructions and your picture or data messaging still does not work, then:
1) Double check all of the characters that you have entered. Everything has to match for the operation to work. One missing space, period, character, and other items can keep the picture messaging or data from working.
2) Turn your phone off and back on and try to connect it to a website.
3) Even if the SIM is active for the voice calls it can take around 1 hour before everything is fully configured and the MMS data starts to work. If you continue to have problems after one hour, then you should take to the BYOP department. You can contact them at 855-222-2355 and request them to check if the data is enabled for your account.

4) Those who are utilizing AT&T old settings and if the data stops working, then you may have to renew your plan. You may have been switched to the new plan automatically.

5) If you continue to have problems, then you can submit a support ticket on NET10 or Straight Talk’s Facebook Page. You can even contact the Executive Department at 1-305-715-6500 from Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time. The email to contact the Executive Resolutions Department is


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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I’ve reset the APN settings using the new settings above. I am able to send myself a picture message but when my husband sends me a picture message, it keeps flagging up “message not downloaded, retrying”. Not sure why this is. I am able to connect to my browser as well so I’m getting data. I have a straight talk sim that has been activated and I’m using it in an AT&T Go Phone. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’ve contacted Straight Talk several times but they haven’t been able to help me.

  2. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Does anyone know the correct MMS settings for a Samsung focus 2 (sgh-i667). I have tried many different settings to no avail. I was able to get my data to work by no MMS. This is a phone bought through AT&T and currently trying to use with Straight Talk. Thanks for any help! I can’t even remember all of the options I have tried, but will try any suggestions. suggestion did not work. I will be trying the executive department but anyone who has had success please tell me how!

  3. Amber
    Amber says:

    I want to buy an iphone from straight talk ($650), they told me it will be locked to their company and can not be unlocked, Can they do that and is that true?

  4. Marilyn Maddox
    Marilyn Maddox says:

    Thank you. I have been working on getting my internet to work on my Att Samsung phone that I just had turned on by straight talk a week ago. You gave me the info I needed. It works now. Thanks so much.

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    Do I need to unlock my iPhone 6 from ATT to get my data to work that I have with net 10? Calls and texts work fine. Just no surfing on cellular or IMessage.

    • Unlocked Shop
      Unlocked Shop says:

      Hello Dave,

      You might need to reset your phone to original settings.
      Back up before beginning if you need any of your personal data again, this will basically format the iPhone:

      Launch “Settings” and tap on “General”
      Scroll to the bottom of General and tap on “Reset”
      Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”

  6. RaeAnn Stevens
    RaeAnn Stevens says:

    Kk…not a comment as much as it is a question, I have a Samsung galaxy core prime, it had service from straight talk a few months ago, well I thought I wanted to change service to at&t…the ales person at Wal-Mart told me I had to et at&t phone time and a sims from at&t….well I did all that an it’s now been four days still trying to make it work, the last person at AT&T I spoke with said the best thing for me to do was to buy a new AT&T phone, lol…I don’t want a new phone. …an they set me up an account at AT&T and everything an I have 35$ on my acount…my question is-can the time i got from AT&T. Be used on my existing phone and sims from straight talk?
    Some one please HELP ME!!!

  7. Teresa A Harrington
    Teresa A Harrington says:

    I have a verizon galaxy 6s with a net10 sim card, I can connect to Internet with at&t with data but when I go into Oklahoma it switches to pine cellular and I can’t connect to Internet without wifi. Is there a different settings I need to use for it to work

  8. Shellie LaPlante
    Shellie LaPlante says:

    Boughta net10 galaxy J3 orbit phone for my son for Christmas and I can’t get it activated , I was told to buy an at&t sim card to put in it but still can’t get it activated. Please help me


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