Apple iPhone 5S – The Most Amazing iPhone

With the latest iPhone model from Apple it has been said that the famous manufacturer has entered the heavily competitive spec wars. The iPhone 5S is considered as the most amazing among all the iPhone models. It is neither the lightest nor the thinnest iPhone, but according to Apple, it is guaranteed to be the most forward-thinking, and should be named as the world’s best smartphone.

There are no changes done on the screen size or on the overall design for the iPhone 5S, but just like the previous Apple updates for their S series, the little tweaks make a lot of difference.

Apple iPhone 5S Design

When one looks at the iPhone 5S, not much difference can be seen, especially for those who have been using the previous iPhone models. There is still that 4 inch screen, the metal frame with beveled edges and the aluminum back – a great combination that provides the sturdy and svelte look to the best handset designs ever.

The phone has basic colors that are subtle: the silver toned version is much like the same as with the previous iPhone; the space gray model comes a bit lighter compared to the black color of last year’s iPhonel. The head turner is the gold version of the iPhone 5S; it is champagne-colored with white accents – a perfect combination of uniqueness and class. The gold hues shine brightest around the new home button’s circular rim. The Apple iPhone 5S measures 4.87 inches x 2.31 inches x 0.30 inches and weighs 3.95 ounces.

Apple iPhone 5S Features

As mentioned above, Apple is using the iPhone 5S to join in the spec wars. With this new iPhone, Apple has certainly invested a lot. This iPhone is powered by the innovative Apple A7 processor. Compared to the performances being provided by the iPhone 5 and the 5C, there is no doubt that the 5S performs much faster, with quicker loading times and no skipped frame.

Additionally, the iPhone 5S is also incorporated with the M7 Motion co-processor, which is designed to gather data coming from the compass, accelerometer gyroscope, and others, and to make use of data in determining the state of the phone without the need to suck out battery life. This means that the processor knows exactly when the phone is being used or when it is in idle mode. It can stop downloading new details when it recognized that the user is sleeping or the phone was left at home.

The iPhone 5S is also incorporated with the iOS 7 (ready to upgrade to the iOS 7.1.1 version). Other main features include: 8 megapixel primary camera (autofocus, dual LED flash and 3264 x 2448 pixels), 1.2 megapixel secondary camera, Li-Po 1560 mAh non-removable battery, and many more.


All in all, the Apple iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market today. It is definitely one device that can be compared to every other newly released smartphones. With this new iPhone version, Apple has effectively proven that their devices are not just about aesthetic designs, but also about great features and dependable specs.

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