How to Activate an Unlocked iPhone for NET10


AT&T and Apple’s iPhone have been connected with each other for a long time. Some iPhone users though have tried using their phones unit with different network providers. This is very much possible if you have an unlocked iPhone. Unlocking is an easy process and it is also now possible to purchase an unlocked iPhone.

For your unlocked iPhone, you can use it with the pay-as-you-go network plan from Net10. The steps are easy:

Since the iPhone  to be activated to Net10 is an unlocked unit, the process of jailbreaking and unlocking will be skipped.

  1. The first thing to do then is to get a Net10SIM card.
  2. Your APN setting should then be configured for the Net10 network.
  3. Here is how you can change the APN settings. This is an important process as this will allow you to use correctly functioning services from the network.
  4. Turn on your phone and go to iPhone Settings. Click General and then Network and go to Cellular Data Network.
  5. If Cellular Data Network is not among the tabs, you have to install TetherMe. Open Cydia and the look for TetherMe APN Editing. You need to install that in order for the tab for Cellular Data Network to be restored.\
  6. It is not the time to enter the NET10 details on your phone.

Cellular Data

  • APN: att.mvno

  • Username:

  • Password:

Visual Voicemail:

  • APN: acds.voicemail

  • Username:

  • Password:


  • APN: att.mvno

  • Username:

  • Password:

  • MMSC:

  • MMS Prozy:

  • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576

  • MMS UA Prof URL:


  1. Insert the Net10 SIM card and check if the network service is accurately working. You should be able to send and receive text messages, as well as receive and make calls.

Another way change APN setting is to download Apple iPhone Configuration Utility on either a MAC or PC.

In most cases, you will be able to use your iPhone  just fine. But there may be some glitches. There are some users that have reported their inability to use one or two features (text messaging or calling). If you encounter this problem (like you can’t send or receive text messages), follow the steps below:

  1. In your dialing keypad, type *#5005*7672# and then press the Call option.
  2. A message like this will appear:
  • Setting Interrogation Succeeded

  • Service Center Address

  • +8613800100500

  1. Call the number given (NET10 number) and then inquire if the number you have is a match to what they have given you. There is a big chance that it will not match. They will then provide a new and correct number for you.

  2. Update the unit with the correct number.

  3. Enter **5005*7676*SMSCNUMBER# and then press Call option. The SMSCNUMBER is the correct number provided by NET10. Do not forget to type the + sign before typing the number.

  4. If you have succeeded in doing the process, this message will appear:

  • Setting Succeeded

  • Service Center Address

  • No Address

  1. The last step is to confirm the new number. Enter *#5005*7672# and the press Call.

This process is going to link your iPhone to the right SMS Service Number and it is also going to restore your phone’s ability to use the text messaging feature.


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