How to Activate an Unlocked AT&T iPhone/Cell Phone

An unlocked AT&T iPhone  can be activated with an easy integration with the media software of Apple, iTunes. Activating your iPhone allows you to browse the web, play games and download music and videos.

AT&T is the official provider of the popular smartphone device from Apple, the iPhone. These smartphones are available to be purchased from Apple or through AT&T, either in a store or online, and sometimes from selected mobile gadget retailers. If you have purchased your iPhone as an unlocked device, you have to activate it first before you start using it from sending text messages and making calls.

You can activate your unlocked AT&T iPhone 3G using two methods: through Apple and through AT&T

How to Activate your iPhone  Through Apple

  1. This process can be started online. Go to the Apple online web tool in order for the activation process to commence.
  2. Chose a rate plan, data service and package for text messaging. There will be a list of options that are available on the online web tool.
  3. There will be a list of Apple stores and retailers on the web tool and you need to choose one that is nearest you. Then, you need to set an appointment to go to the store or retailer in order to complete the iPhone activation.
  4. At the store, you must surrender the phone to the customer service representative who in turn will ask you to provide a state identification. You may be asked some questions regarding your account with AT&T or your phone number. Always have the information ready.
  5. After the customer representative is done with your phone, it will be returned to and you can take it home.
  6. Once home, turn your computer unit and connect the phone through a USB cord. Launch iTunes and complete the activation process.

How to Activate your iPhone  Through AT&T

  1. For AT&T activation, you need to visit an AT&T kiosk or store.
  2. For an existing account, you need to provide the AT&T customer representative with your account information as well as your phone number.
  3. Choose data, voice and text messaging plan. Choices will be provided by the representative, a list of options will be given to you. For new accounts or if you are a first time Apple iPhone user, you need to add an additional data service to your plan.
  4. Once home, connect the iPhone to your computer unit and connect to iTunes. Launch iTunes and complete the activation process.

Remember that activation process through Apple should be started online prior to visiting an Apple store. For AT&T, the process starts at the store. Scheduling for an AT&T activation is easy as most times, there is no need for a set schedule. AT&T stores and kiosks entertain walk-in clients all the time.

One important reminder is to make sure that your iPhone is charged before you go to any store (APPLE or AT&T). The customer representative will have to turn on your phone to work on the activation process.

After the process is complete, wait for the confirmation and then you can start to use your activated AT&T iPhone .


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