How To Activate Some CDMA Phones With Straight Talk

CDMA is a code division multiple access method that is utilized by different radio communication gadgets and technologies. It is a great example of multiple accesses through which different transmitters are capable of sending information over one communication channel simultaneously. This permits different users to share bandwidth. To achieve this without any hindrances between the users, the code division multiple access employs a spread-spectrum technology and a unique coding method. If you would like to learn how you can activate your CDMA phone with the help of straight talk, then you can learn here. Straight Talk is a well known no-contract wireless plan that was invented by Walmart and TracFone. You can select from two different plans including the $45 activation plan. You can find out how you can activate your straight talk plan using your CDMA phone right here!

1. Select Your Phone and Check Compatibility

View the service area map on the straight talk website to look at the phones that can be utilized for the plans that you want in your area. Select the phone that you have or would like to purchase present on the list.

  • You can use your unlocked phone if it is present on the list with a different phone plan. Ask your wireless provider to unlock your phone for you by calling them.

2. Purchase Your Network Access Code

After compatibility has been confirmed. Buy the Network Access Code card and follow the instructions on the back:red network activation codenetwork activation code

3. Activate the Plan

You can find the red activation card that arrived with the card that you purchased. It will have a list of the serial number that you will need to use when you are activating your CDMA phone with Straight Talk in the place of your cellular device’s previous serial number.

  • You can use the Service PIN code which will be located on the back of the service plan card. You might have already bought a $45 plan card. If you still do not have a service plan card, then you can buy one during the activating procedure.
  • Enter in the serial number based on the kind of phone that you have.
  • Enter your main residence’s zip code.
  • Type your Service PIN if you have bought a plan card already. If you want to buy the plan during the activation, then select the credit card option.
  • Create your account since it is necessary for you to pay every month anew with your credit card.
  • Enter in your credit card details if you have not activated the Service PIN yet.
  • You might have to wait a few hours to approximately two days for the mobile service to be fully activated. Once done, make a call!
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  1. Helen Bookman
    Helen Bookman says:

    I have a iPhone 6s it is unlocked , I have a 45.00obyop card from Walmart, I just don’t know what to do or how to do it right,ihave also called staright talk and I know it’s compatible so what do I do first thanks


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