A full list of GSM Carriers in the USA

GSM Carriers in the USA
  • Airfire Mobile
  • Asset/Vada Wireless (uses AT&T/ TMobile)
  • AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless)
  • Broadpoint

  • Big Sky Mobile
  • Calhan Wireless
  • call4care
  • Cellular One of East Central Illinois
  • Cellular One of East Arizona
  • Cellular One Nation
  • Cellular One TXOK
  • Chariton Valley Wireless
  • Cincinnati Bell Wireless
  • Commnet Wireless (also uses CDMA)
  • Consumer Cellular (uses AT&T towers)
  • Cordova Wireless
  • Corr Wireless
  • Cross Communications
  • DTC Wireless
  • Earthtones
  • Epic PCS
  • Fuzion Mobile
  • GCI Wireless (also uses CDMA)
  • GTC Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
  • GoSmart Mobile
  • i wireless
  • Immix
  • Indigo Wireless
  • Jolt Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
  • Locus Mobile (uses CDMA, Verizon & AT&T towers)
  • Long Lines Wireless
  • Mobal Freedom (uses AT&T towers)
  • Metro PCS (also uses CDMA)
  • NEP Wireless
  • Pine Cellular
  • Plateau Wireless
  • Pure Prepaid (uses AT&T towers)
  • Pure Talk USA (uses AT&T towers)
  • Simple Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
  • Shaka Mobile (also uses CDMA, Verizon & Sprint towers)
  • Telecom North America Mobile Inc
  • TerreStar
  • T-Mobile USA
  • TracFone Wireless (also uses CDMA, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile towers)

•Includes NET10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Straight Talk, SIMPLE Mobile and Telcel América

  • Tru (uses T-Mobile towers)
  • Union Wireless
  • Viaero Wireless
  • Wal-Mart Family Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
  • West Central Wireless
  • Westlink
  • XIT Communications

This list may not be accurate or out of date. There are new carriers and changes constantly, so to be sure ask your provider.

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      • Anrothan
        Anrothan says:

        Wait… How can you not be a CDMA network and also not work with GSM phones?
        What 3rd networking system do you think Virgin is?

        • Starrla1979
          Starrla1979 says:

          CDMA and GSM are compatible.. you can take a verizon (CDMA) phone and hook it on to at&t (GSM). This is FACT. I’ve done it! As long as the phone is both CDMA and GSM compatible, it CAN be done.

          • StuffYouShouldGoogleBeforePosting
            StuffYouShouldGoogleBeforePosting says:

            You just contradicted yourself in that post. Most phones today have both CDMA & GSM antennas but a phone designed for CDMA-only will NOT work on a GSM-only network (and vice versa).

          • willieboy
            willieboy says:

            hell you can do it with a ham radio and a digipeter, just need input freq to trip switch and the pairs freq. you talk on one freq and listen on another freq, called pairs

            Starrla1979 s right…. if you use one iOS on the front and one iOS on the backside you have a secure connection. These companies are baffleing you with technology terms and tech garbage talk. I get free tele all the time with a ham radio..pipe into any system with a little knowledge that is free for the looking.

          • Eric Blair
            Eric Blair says:

            Eric B A clarification is needed. Your PHONE is compatible since was made to use both GSM & CDMA. The formats are NOT compatible.

    • bikeamtn
      bikeamtn says:

      If Virgin (Sprint) is using LTE or WCDMA Multi-Band on their network, do the following.

      HTC One-M8 – Change Network Mode Settings
      For International Carrier (Unlocked) Phones

      Change Network Mode Settings:
      From a Home screen, tap Apps Apps icon (located at the bottom).
      – Tap Settings. (Note If unavailable, tap the Dropdown menu Applications dropdown menu icon (located in the upper left) then tap Alphabetical. If still unavailable, refer to Manage App Icons.)
      – From the WIRELESS & NETWORKS section, tap Mobile data.
      – Tap Preferred Network.
      – Select the appropriate setting:
      LTE Mode – (This setting should only be selected if experiencing service issues in locations that offer multiple network types and only LTE is needed.)
      LTE/Legacy 3GPP Mode – (This setting should only be selected if experiencing service issues in locations that offer multiple network types and only LTE/legacy 3GPP mode is needed.)
      Global Mode – (This is the preferred setting for most locations)

      Note: In Global Mode, the preferred international carrier is automatically selected. You can manually select an alternate carrier by navigating: Apps > Settings > Mobile data > Network preference > choose carrier from list then tap OK.
      Note: It may require as many as 6 registration attempts with that carrier prior to successful registration.

  1. Davd
    Davd says:

    The NEW cricket is GSM….Cricket acquired phones acquired 7 months ago or older use CDMA on Sprint’s network. Since early 2014, they moved to ATT towers.

  2. emma
    emma says:

    I have a cricket phone & I want an iPhone 5c that is already unlocked. I havent been with Cricket that long but I want the iPhone with cricket. Would I be able to get the iPhone with cricket? Need some feedback.

  3. Richard
    Richard says:

    I plan onpurchasing a NEW LG G2 D802 16GB WHITE FACTORY UNLOCKED LTE 4G 3G 13MP NEW WIFI (2G & 3G 850/.US Cellular is the major provider in my area and I need to know if they support the GSM network

    • Connor Miller
      Connor Miller says:

      Dude before you get this, I have the unlocked D801(AT&T), but with a T-Mobile SIM card, but because it is a at&t phone, I can never get a software update because I am using a T-Mobile SIM card. This might be the same case with the phone you want to get. But, even without the update, it is running android 4.4 and the lg g2 runs it fast and easy. Check on it and good luck!

  4. v941726
    v941726 says:

    I need to switch from the bums at Tmo after I just bought a phone from them. Then they shut me off. It wasn’t for non payment, it’s because a communication company can’t communicate. My Bill reflects a minus. But they said that I complained about their service. While true, it took them a year and a half to get it marginal. So I buy a new phone from them, and they shut me off.

  5. Gbmaxi
    Gbmaxi says:

    I wish to purchase an unlocked phone my carrier is Page pluswhich runs off Verizon towers, currently has iPhone 4S I’m I I headed in the right direction

    • Rringo
      Rringo says:

      You want to upgrade soon to and apple 5c or higher due to the new rollout operating system by Apple ..if you stay with the 4c you will not be able to get most of the apps from the app store

  6. Jose Morales
    Jose Morales says:

    Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531 M is only gsm? is there any way to change it or get verizon to accept it? Or do i just have to sell it?

  7. james
    james says:

    looking for a gsm (sim card?) i know little to nothing about phones (compared to some). ive been looking for the best company for me (location and fees wise) im not worried about the bill, i live in illinois

    • Rringo
      Rringo says:

      Gsm means at@t/tmobil networks..Verizon has the best coverage all around..tmobil has the highest transfer of data but is limited to large towns and major highways. .do you use a lot of data? Or do you use it only occasionally to access the internet and make phone calls? I’ve got great plans for the 3 big networks,,no contracts,wholesale..way cool stuff.

    • Rringo
      Rringo says:

      And meid# check would reveal if your phone would qualify for the tmobil network. If your phone is currently working on the sprint/Verizon tower’s it is unlikely your phone would work on pcs metro..the exception would only be if your phone was unlocked to all of the carriers..a simple meid#check would reveal this quickly. Most blu phones work exclusively on the tmobil/at@t network system ..you will need to get a sim card from one of those carriors..should work great..those phones look real mice. I have sim cards for tmobil,at@T ,SPRINT AND verizon devices..

  8. Robert L.
    Robert L. says:

    I need an unlockd simple phone that works on GSM that I can install European SIM cards for local calls within Europe, specifically Spain. I prefer a simple pre-paid phone. What can you suggest?

    • LESHER
      LESHER says:

      I have a international galaxy note 8 it has 2 sim slots one for the US and the other is for international calls so you put that in sim slot 2 and u will have 2 diff numbers

  9. Diane Reynolds
    Diane Reynolds says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s5 active . Using at&t right now .
    If I get this phone unlocked can it be used with Verizon or boost ?

    • Unlocked Shop
      Unlocked Shop says:

      Hello Diane,
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your AT&T Galaxy phone with either carriers. You will need to buy a Verizon or boost device.

  10. Del
    Del says:

    I recently purchased the OnePlus 3 and I live in a very rural area, Verizon is my best bet for this area but it’s CDMA and the OP3 is GSM. Now I’m getting ready to move to a more metropolitan area but I’m sure I’m going to be traveling back and forth from the city to the country. I hate the fact that the OP3 doesn’t carry that strain of 4G LTE….that’s pretty much my only complaint. I only see one carrier that’s GSM and uses Verizon towers but I don’t believe I can get it in my area.. I guess I’ll have to stick with AT&T… Even though it’ll be a dead zone in my country home.

  11. Michael K Bonner
    Michael K Bonner says:

    I just bought a BLu Studio Plus One , S0130UU cell phone .
    I bought it because I thought or was told it would work on Freedom Pop.
    Now FreedomPop is telling me it’s not able to activate the phone. It can take 2 sim cards or one sim & sd card memory expansion.
    I am an older man & a newbie to all this cell stuff.
    What steps do I take to activate this phone ? Do I have to get a Sim card before I can activate it ?
    Any help would really be GREAT !
    Thanks very much .

    • alain smithee
      alain smithee says:

      Freedom Pop is a CDMA carrier, and they use Sprint towers, while the phone you bought is a GSM phone. It’s like not being able to listen to AM radio stations with an FM radio, or vice versa.

      If you want to use Freedom Pop, you will need an unlocked CDMA phone. If you want to keep the phone you have, you will need to find a GSM carrier.

      • chase kuriakose
        chase kuriakose says:

        now freedom pop have gsm but only work att or tmoblie phone its now full unlocked phone like blu i have same expernice

  12. Jon
    Jon says:

    Are there any GSM providers that offer a plan with dat and fewer talk/text? Ex. 50 mins. 50 text and 2GB or more data.

    • Rringo
      Rringo says:

      Flash wireless has a nice tmobil plan with unlimited talk and unlimited text with 1 gig of data, no contract starting at around 40-50 bucKS a month..there are bigger single plans with up to 6 gigs of data..I’ll help you with it..piece of cake..plus when you refer 5 friends and family and they get service , your service is free month after month..this also applies to verizon and sprint plans

    • Rringo
      Rringo says:

      And meid# check would reveal if your phone would qualify for the tmobil network. If your phone is currently working on the sprint/Verizon tower’s it is unlikely your phone would work on pcs metro..the exception would only be if your phone was unlocked to all of the carriers..a simple meid#check would reveal this quickly.

  13. Anrothan
    Anrothan says:

    I have but one question.
    Is the phone’s preference towards CDMA or GSM a hardware thing or a software thing?
    Like if I took an Android phone and modded the Software, could I get it to work with whichever networking system I want, or do you think thats not possible?

    • Rringo
      Rringo says:

      Android and apple phones are made for both sprint /Verizon. And tmobil/at@t networks..most phones are tied to one or the other..however I’ve heard wind that flash wireless may be coming out with network open phones that will operate on either systems,,simply a sim card change..would rock the phone world when that happens

    • Margaret Shumate
      Margaret Shumate says:

      I need help LG it said as cricket when you turn but all I can the me if # 3548877521468701cyyq752146 I can’t find out what kind or how to unlock it help me in with dakota

  14. Rob
    Rob says:

    If I want to buy an IPhone 6 plus and I want to go with straight talk.
    do I need a cdma phone or gsm? And is there a difference with the 4g Lte technology ?

  15. Michael
    Michael says:

    Ok guys and girls, I have a Doogee F-5 that I just connected to Cricket Wireless after a 15 year tour with Airvoice Wireless. DOOGEE F5 5.5″ FHD OGS Android 5.1 MTK6753 Octa-core 4G Phone 3GB RAM 16GB ROM GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, the phone still hasn’t connected to the Cricket’s network, I don’t even know if it will. The phone also give us 4G – FDD-LTE, Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 7 (2600MHz), Band 8 (900MHz), Band 20 (800MHz) and 3G – Band 1 (WCDMA 2100MHz), Band 8 (WCDMA 900MHz). Called service this morning, it was like a bull with tits:
    o Name: Internet
    o APN: ndo
    o Proxy: Not Set
    o Port: Not Set
    o Username: Not Set
    o Password: Not Set
    o Server: Not Set
    o MMSC: http://mmsc.aiowireless.net
    o MMS Proxy: proxy.aiowireless.net
    o MMS Port: 80
    o MCC: 310
    o MNC: 150
    o Authentication type: Not Set
    o APN type: default, mms, fota, hipri, supl

    Looking for help or suggestions without changing phones, if possible. Nothing is to small for me and my crew.

  16. Rodney
    Rodney says:

    I own a Samsung galaxy s6 phone and a us cellular carrier plan.The network mode is LTE/GMS/UMTS. I want to keep my phone and go too straight talk will this be possible and what does Lock or unlock mean about the phone?

  17. Seriki Ayomide Nelson
    Seriki Ayomide Nelson says:

    I’m from Nigeria, just relocated to Texas and I’m planning to buy a new Alcatel shine lite, which carrier can I flash the phone to?

  18. Richard
    Richard says:

    I have a Galaxy note 4 phone with tmobil. Trying to unlock and use phone with safelink as my carrier. I have received unlock code from tmobil and instructions on unlocking gal note 4 so I can use it with safelinks SIM card. However, when I turn on phone with safelinks new SIM card there are no windows available to enter the unlock code or any other of the prompts listed in the instructions provided by Tmobil. The tech at tmobil said they may be on different networks but when I did a little digging it appears that both tmobil and safelink are both on GSM networks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. billb
    billb says:

    I have an LG G3 previously used with Verizon. I want to get this phone unlocked and use it with consumer cellular. Can it be done? If so, how?

  20. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I currently have a Samsung S6 with Cricket and I’m looking to upgrade to a S7 Edge. If I purchase an unlocked Samsung S7 with the gsm network will it work with cricket??

  21. Yoicer
    Yoicer says:

    Hi I’m smartfixtronics my business is in Miami Beach Florida and I want to create my own Gsm services and Simcard .appreciate If someone can help me thank a lot .!

  22. Innertrader
    Innertrader says:

    This all gets very complicated. I bought new phones and when Samsung did an auto update on my new s7, that made it non compatible with TracFone! Only took me 6 wks to figure out what was going on!


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